Branch Officer Elections

Tuesday January 9th 2018

Unite require that elections for workplace representatives and branch officers take place once every three years. As a branch, we have always decided instead to hold these annually, normally taking place in June. Despite the election last June, we are required to hold another before March 2018, so the next elections will be at February's branch meeting.

While we welcome reps from all areas and departments (please get in touch if you're interested), an outline of the main positions are below:

Branch Secretary

The role of Branch Secretary is vital for our democracy. They:

  • Bring members together - arranging meetings, keeping records and communicating with members
  • Look after branch funds - all branches have their own funds to help meet the costs of day to running and the Secretary (along with the Treasurer) ensures that the finances are correctly recorded and reported
  • Working with other reps to ensure that the union is strong in their workplace
  • Ensuring that the branch has a say in union elections and policy making - submitting nominations and motions for conferences

Branch Chair

The Chair presides over all meetings of the branch, keeps order and ensures that business is conducted in accordance with union's rules and branch standing orders. The Chair works closely with the Branch Secretary to draw up meeting agendas, verify minutes and signs official documents; is impartial and is seen to act fairly

Branch Treasurer

The Treasurer works in conjunction with the Branch Secretary to ensure that the finances of the the branch are correctly recorded and reported. THey prepare the paperwork for the quarterly audit by the regional administration. The rules allow for the positions of Treasurer and Secretary to be held by the same person.

Branch Equalities Officer

The Branch Equalities Officer raises awareness and promotes equality of opportunity in the branch; advises and supports members in relation to equality issues; encourages participation of women, BAME, LBGT+ and members with disabilities at all levels, and promotes education for minority groups.

Other Roles

In addition to the above required positions, we also have positions for Health and Safety, Communications and Webmaster. In addition, it would be really helpful to have reps across all areas, particularly in AMRC and other areas that may feel distant from the main campus.

Students' Union

While being a separate employer, members of staff based at the Students' Union remains part of the University of Sheffield/Students' Union branch. This is official recognition of the union by the SU being quite recent as well as there being insufficient members at present to form an independent branch. If anyone wishes to become a rep or officer for the Students' Union (or stand again), we would encourage attendance at the February Branch Meeting. The SU has seen an impressive growth in members and the branch welcomes further development and growth.

If you would like to know any more details about getting involved, please get in touch and will be be happy to advise.

Unite Executive